Danielle Gillespie


Danielle is a second generation real estate agent with a passion for helping others, investing and all things real estate. To say that she has been doing this career since she was in diapers is no metaphor. Danielle was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio where her family enjoyed taking advantage of the great lakes, the changing seasons and the opportunities in the glass city. Danielle received her MBA from the University of Toledo with a concentration in finance, so finding a good deal or making one of her own is definitely her thing. Danielle and her husband Bret moved to Wilmington when they decided it was time for a change and not living at the beach was no longer an option. They traveled their way along the east coast looking for a new city to call home. It was important to them that they find a community where they could become established and really make an impact. Once they stumbled upon Wilmington, there was no going back, they knew they had found their home where they could grow their roots deep and wide. She enjoys living the island life in Carolina Beach and taking their two doodles to the beach! Danielle enjoys traveling the world, trying new recipes and spending quality time at the gym. Her friends would say that she is driven, genuine, has a strong work ethic and likes to have a good time. Catch her on HGTV, Island Life!